The period and sex education that you never got.

The Aluna Method - Period (Part 1)


Foundational preventive spiritual health. 

The period and sex education that you never got.




- Women who do not like their monthly cycles

- Women who have experienced painful periods or uterus disease

- Women who are looking into embracing their monthly cycles

- Women who want to learn more about the moon and its influence in their cycles

- Women who are looking to live and create new narratives regarding their feminine nature

- Women who want to tap into their creative nature/ utilise their creative energy with ease.

- Women who want to reconnect to their feminine energy in a healthy organic manner

- Women who want to better utilise their sexual energy

- Women who want to reconnect to their sexual energy



In this course you will:


  • Receive an overview of Solar vs Lunar energy and how we relate to those in today’s world.
  • Learn how to create and understand your own lunar chart and map your inner cycle with it.
  • Connect to your sexual energy.
  • Ignite your inner fire.
  • Learn about the lunar archetypes and a new way to see their influence and power in your life.
  • Get a sense of what feminine energy is and learn how to connect to it.
  • Connect to your ancestral cosmic vessel. Your body.
  • Remember your oneness with nature by tuning into your own cycles.
  • Learn about the lunar energies as a way to tap into your personal power.
  • Learn a complete system that you can do every month, to help you track your emotional responses and investigate deeper into your journey of self development.

- 4 weeks- throughout the course of 1 month, starting March 15th 

- 6 classes (recorded if you’re unable to attend live), 1h 15min Class 

- Discounted rates for 1:1 sessions

- A Curated playlist with the best Brazilian jams to inspire you during your journey

- A private community of fierce women that support one another

- A comprehensive digital guide/ workbook for your continued healing

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME to The Aluna Method Moon-Periodt!

    • All you need!


  • 2

    CLASS 1 - 03/15

    • Lunar + Solar Energy: What do they represent? How do they play out in our life?

    • The Aluna Method Moon Periodt WorkBook - Week 1

    • Resources

    • Lunar + Solar energy Class 1 Video

    • Lunar + Solar energy Class 1 Audio

  • 3

    BONUS CLASSES - 03/17

    • Lunar Oracle reading circle


    • Resources

    • Lunar Oracle session video

  • 4

    CLASS 2 - 03/22

    • The Moon and the body: Transgenerational trauma and healing through Oneness.

    • The Aluna Method Moon Periodt WorkBook - Week 2

    • The Moon and the Body Class 2 Video

  • 5

    CLASS 3 - 03/29

    • Symbology - the language of Oneness: Understanding Presence through nature’s symbolism

    • Workbook Week 3 - Symbology The Language of Oneness

    • Class 3 - Symbology: the language of Oneness

  • 6


    • GEST TEACHER CLASS - 03/31

    • Emotional sovereignty with Meikel Reece

  • 7

    CLASS 4 - 04/05

    • Archetypes of the Moon: Recognizing patterns to open space for liberation

    • The Aluna Method Moon Periodt WorkBook MODULE 1

    • Class 4 - Archetypes of the moon


Juliana Luna

I am a yogi and multidisciplinary artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I am passionate about ancestry, connection to self, and well being. I believe life is about remembering and refining what it means to be a whole human, every day. To me, wholeness means being at peace with our true nature. YES, it's possible to live in wholeness. But...we must remember who we are! Look back to our roots. Ancestry is the key. ​ The good news is that I can teach you where to start, and we take it from there. Making space is the beginning to unfold a bigger journey. ​I want to introduce you to The Aluna Method. Aluna means “STUDENT” in Portuguese and Luna means “MOON” - with the Aluna Method, I will teach you how to be a student of the moon, connect to your ancestral cosmic power and live to your full potential on a daily basis. Luna is also my birth name, in case you were wondering.



by Jasmine P.

"This class had me simultaneously remember who I am and also realize who I have the potential to become. Through the prayers, lessons, and free-flowing conversation, they created a space of learning and of community that was energizing, grounding, and motivating! This workshop grounded me, and reminded me that I already have the tools that I need. I left knowing that I am enough just as I am. Thank you from my entire being!! I was seriously emotional when the three days were over, but also hopeful and grateful that the community will continue through the accountability groups. Love. Love. Love."

by Simone J.

"The first class was very potent for me – about making more space in my life and finding balance. I'm still digesting that first class! I am so grateful to come across your work and look forward to staying connected and joining another one of your offerings soon. For now, I'm going to re-watch the recordings and let everything sink in. "